Benefit Event for a hospital in Ifakara, Tanzania, Fr. 7th of September 2003
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What? Benefit Event with Bluatschink for
a hospital in Ifakara, Tanzania

When? Fr. 7th of September 2003, 8:00 p.m.
Where? Mils, Trofana-Tyrol
Contact?  Evi Pfefferkorn
Pictures? Picturegallery about the event
Gain? This event brought a gain from entrance fee and tombola of alltogether 18088,20 € for the hospital in Ifakara.
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Benefit Concert with the collaboration of:
DR: ALOJZ PETERLE, member of the EU-Convent


Fr. 7th of September 2003

Will YOU help too?


Just eight degrees south of the Equator, St Francis Hospital , Ifakara, serves one of the most remote areas of Tanzania, some 240 miles from the capital of Dar es Salaam, on the East African coast.

The hospital was founded by the Tirolese missionary doctor Dr. Karl Schöpf, and built with the help of members of the Swiss Province of the Capuchin Order of Friars and the Baldegg Nuns.

The team of well-trained nurses from Switzerland and Austria who helped with this project were indispensable. But local people too threw themselves into what

Ifakara in Tanzania
were, at first, completely unfamiliar tasks. Even during the rainy season, work continued on the hospital complex, and slowly but surely eight wards as well as a separate large building for administration, kitchens, living quarters and so on. When it opened in 1960, it had electricity, running water, and gas - hundreds of miles inside the bush!

All in all, Dr. Schöpf spent 16 years in Africa, overseeing the building of a modern hospital from the foundations up to the installation of medical equipment. From the outset he realised that, apart from a general hospital, what was needed was a specialised tuberculosis sanatorium and another for the numerous leprosy-sufferers in the region.

Over the years, many people came to recognise the value of the hospital Dr Schöpf founded, the fruit of a lifetime's work as a missionary, and have ensured its continuation by supporting it. Rudolf Geigy, Professor at the University of Basle, founded the Basle Foundation for Developing Countries, which in turn set up a medical training centre for auxiliaries and medical students.
The whole operating wing was funded by Bishop Dr. Paul Rusch of the diocese of Innsbruck. Further Austrian support for the hospital was given by Dr. Anna Dengel from the Tirolese Ausserfern and the Medical Mission Sisters organisation she founded.

Spital in Ifakara

Helping people help themselves has always been a guiding principle for this kind of missionary support.

The staff at this hospital are very motivated, but if they are to continue they need our support.At the moment only one small steriliser, which delays operations. Ifakara is also subject to often violent storms, which can result in power cuts and breaks off external communication. This is why it is now planned to buy a larger steriliser and a new generator.

Another key part of this project will be the training medical specialistis. Costs: 100.000 - 200.000 EURO!

The special projekt

Some people and institutions have promised their support.

o Altbischof Dr. Reinhold Stecher

o Vaclav Havel, Exstaatspräsident von Tschechien

o Alojz Peterle, Exministerpräsident von Slowenien, Mitglied des EU-Konvents

o Günter Platter, Verteidigungsminister

o Bluatschink

o Die Ärztekammer Tyrol

o Raiba Tannheimertal

o ***** liebes Rot Flüh

Please help to help!

Many thanks
Eva & Dr. Erwin Pfefferkorn
Dipl. Sr Christine and Prim.i.R .Dr. Willi Schennach
Hans Kreuzer
Circle of friends of hospital and parish Ifakara

Dr. Erwin & Eva Pfefferkorn
Am Kohlbichl 2
A-6673 Grän
Tel: +43-676-41 11 338
Raiba Tannheimertal
Kto. 312918
Blz. 36333
Hans Georg Kreuzer
Verwaltungsdirektor des KH Zams
Raiffeisenbank Oberland
Kto. 30055966

from left to right: Bishop of Ifakara, priest Andreas Tausch, Evi & Erwin Pfefferkorn, the head of hospital and Toni


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